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The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language - BATJ
The 23rd BATJ Annual Conference
Date: 9th and 10th September 2021
Venue: The University of Manchester
Keynote Speaker: Prof Michael Byram (Emeritus Professor of Durham University)
Invited Speaker: Dr Peter Cave (The University of Manchester)
Enquiries: Ms Nozomi Yamaguchi <chair @ batj.org.uk>

※Due to the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have reached the decision to postpone the 23rd BATJ annual conference until 2021.

March 2020 JF/BATJ Seminar on 'Using Drama as a Method of Education'

Date: Saturday 14 March 2020 9:00-16:30
*Please note that due to the time difference between the UK (Europe) and Japan, the starting as well as the closing time has been changed.
Venue: King's College London, The Council Room (Strand, London WC2R 2LS)
Speaker: Professor Michiharu Miyazaki (Hirosaki University, Society for Acquisition-Oriented Learning Board Member)
Workshop Facilitation Team: Society for Acquisition-Oriented Learning 
Professor Michiharu Miyazaki (Hirosaki University)
Mr Norio Hayakawa (Nakamura Junior & Senior Grill’s High School)
Ms Keiko Morozumi (Bunan Senior High School)
Coordinator: Yuko Fujimitsu (Japan Foundation, London, BATJ Member)
Presenters (Titles omitted, ABC order):
Aya Kamura (Carden Primary School), Tomonari Kuroda (former Japanese Language Advisor, Japan Foundation), Fumiko Narumi (University of Edinburgh), Naho Nakao (former Japanese Language Advisor, Japan Foundation),  Natsuko Shibata Perera (SOAS University of London), Sayaka Kato (Universidad de Salamanca), Yukari Saiki (Tokai University, Japan)
Group Presenters: Kaori Nishizawa (University of Oxford), Kumiko Uehara (Japanese-German Centre Berlin), Miho Tokimoto (Sapienza University of Rome), Sawako Nemoto (AFJPS Association Franco-Japonaise Pari Sud, France).

- Provisional Programme
- Registration has now closed


Online Participation (70 seats)
BATJ members Non-BATJ members
£10 £20
  • PayPal administration fee is included in the above fee.
  • Seminar fees for BATJ members can be applied for by anyone who has paid the 2019-20 annual membership fee by the time of registration. For information on annual membership, please see the Membership page.
  • The deadline for cancellation and booking alternation is Friday 6th March. After this date, no refund is possible.


Payment by bank transfer: You can also pay by bank transfer. Please pay the administration charge.

In the reference space, please write [20200314 & your name]. For example, [20200314 YAMADA]. If you choose this option, please contact both seminar(AT)batj.org.uk AND treasurer(AT)batj.org.uk

Barclays Bank
Oxford City Centre Branch, The Oxford Group, P.O. BOX 333, Oxford, OX1 3HS
Account No: 90484385  Sort Code: 20-65-18
IBAN: GB98 BARC2065 1890 4843 85

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The 15th Japanese Speech Contest for University Students - Results -

Date: Saturday 29th February 2020
Venue: Great Hall, King's College London

Speech Category

Tessa Rizzoli (4th year at University of Cambridge, Japanese Studies)
"Mottainai and Kintsugi – the golden answers to a sustainable present"

2nd Place
Ellis Warren (4th year at SOAS University of London, Japanese and Economics)
"The Power of Diversity: The future of Japanese Society where foreign students play an increasingly important role"

Runners Up (in alphabetical order)
Emma Kirk Martin (4th year at SOAS University of London, Japanese)
Emily Owen (4th year at University of Edinburgh Japanese and Linguistics)
Maisie Wythe (4th year at University of East Anglia, Translation & Interpretation )

Individual Presentation Category

Joshua Wei Ken Yeoh (3rd year Imperial College London, Chemistry)
"Materialism and Environment"

2nd Place
Sacha Oriet (2nd year at SOAS University of London, Japanese)
"The Swiss Army - A mean to achieve neutralit"

Runners Up (in alphabetical order)
Vesela Georgieva (2nd year at University of Sheffield, Japanese Studies)
Vytautas Juozas Valuta (3rd year at University of Nottingham, Economics)
Bei (Bella) Zhang(4th year at Durham University)

Group Presentation Category

Global Citizens (King’s College London)
"Home sweet home"
Mathilde Aupetit (International Relations) and Zhansaya Imanmadiyeva (International Relations)

The Nice Oranges (University of Leeds)
"Season in the UK"
Chelsea McElroy (Chinese and Japanese) and Ramona-Alexandra Antonescu (Japanese)

Matcha Tea Talker (University of Bath)
"Olympics, here we come!"
Chengruo Jing (Chemical Engineering) and Ruby Pogson Jones (Politics with Economics)

Team Shrock (University of Edinburgh)
"Edinburgh Ghost Tour"
Hannah McCormick (MA Japanese), Jakub Gad (Japanese and Linguistics) and Chelsey Elmore (Japanese and Linguistics)

Lady and Gentleman (Imperial College London)
"Bubble tea"
Wendy Meng (Aeronautical Engineering) and Jaco Lee (Biological Sciences)


- Finals Day Programme


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