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BATJ Conference
The 13th BATJ Conference - Access to the Conference Site

Access to the conference site (PDF versionpdf_button.png - 582 bytes)

Directions from Reading Station to the University

There are bus services from Reading Station to the Whiteknights Campus (Address: Whiteknights, malady PO Box 217, Reading, Berkshire RG6 6AH), where the conference is held in Palmer Building. As you exit from the ticket barriers, you will see WHSmith on the right-hand side. Exit from the Station and you will see bus stops and a taxi rank across the road. There are a number of buses to the University but make sure that you take a bus to the Shinfield Road side of the Whiteknights Campus. Take either Bus No. 20 or No.21 (both to Lower Earley) that leaves from Stand SJ, as they drive into the Campus and stop close to Palmer Building. Either of these buses comes every 15 minutes. There are other buses that go to the Whiteknights Campus but I would not recommend them as they either do not drive through the University or are infrequent.

It costs 1.70 one-way and no change is given. There are no return tickets but you can buy a one-day pass called simplyReading day that costs 3.80. If you are joining us for the conference dinner at the Oracle Shopping Centre on the first day, it may be a good idea to buy this one-day pass.

The bus runs through the Town Centre, goes up a gentle hill and arrives at the University in approximately 10 minutes, unless the roads are congested. You will see large signs that say University of Reading at the entrance of the University. It should be easy to notice that you have arrived at the University because you will see a large green field (covered with grass) as the bus turns to the left and enters the University. Once the bus has entered the University, get off at the first stop (in front of Whiteknights House). If you look at the map of Whiteknights Campus available on the website numbered ? below, the bus drives into Queens Drive form Shinfield Road. Get off at the bus stop in front of Whiteknights House (Building No. 27) as it is the closest stop to Palmer Building (Building No. 26). You might wish to ask the driver to let you know when you have arrived at Whiteknights House of the University.

When you get off the bus, walk back a little to the left (where you came from on the bus) and you will see a car park on the right. Walk through this car park. You will see Whiteknights House on your right and Humanities and Social Sciences building on your left. Walk past the Humanities and Social Sciences Caf behind a construction site and carry on until you see a large square on the left. Once you are in the square, you will see a two-storeyed-building with a clock on your left. This is Palmer Building. It also has a caf called DolcHe Vita on the right-hand side of its entrance.

??See below for the maps of Reading Town and the University:


??See below for the timetables of Bus No. 20 and Bus No. 21:

No. 20 http://www.reading-buses.co.uk/files/summer2010/020MF27dP.HTML

No. 21 http://www.reading-buses.co.uk/files/summer2010/021MF27dP.HTML

??For directions to the University (Whiteknights Campus) in English please see below:


The 13th BATJ Conference - Staying in a University hall of residence on the night before the conference

Staying in a University hall of residence on the night before the conference

If you wish to stay in one of the University halls of residence on the night before the conference, stuff please contact me by e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) no later than 30 July. Bookings can only be made if there are available rooms. If you wish to stay in a local hotel or a guest house, click or stay in Reading after the conference, decease please see the following University web site for a list of local accommodation.

Local hotels and guest houses in Reading

The 12th BATJ Annual Conference

Date: 28th (Fri) and 29th (Sat) August 2009
Venue: University of Sheffield

Prof. Sukero Ito, ed Tokyo University of Foreign Studies abstract
Lecture: Prof. Zendo Uwano, online University of Tokyo
Lecture: Dr. Miriam Jelinek, site University of Sheffield abstract

- The Conference Programme

The 11th BATJ Annual Conference

Date: 5th (Fri) and 6th (Sat)September 2008
Venue: University of Leeds

- The Conference Programme

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