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第14回大学生のための日本語スピーチコンテスト - 結果発表 -

Date: Saturday 2nd March 2019
Venue: Great Hall, King's College London

Speech Category

Shelly Chen (2nd year at SOAS University of London, Japanese Studies)
"The dream and darkness of 'idol culture', how values of young generation are shaped by 'fandom'"

2nd Place
Alexander Thacker (4th year at University of Sheffield, Japanese Studies and History)
"The End of the Heisei: The Japanese Imperial Household System"

3rd Place
Callum Sarracino (4th year at University of Edinburgh, Japanese)
"'A Silent Voice': The Power within Manga to Overcome Societal Prejudice"

Runners Up (in alphabetical order)
Adaora King (4th year at SOAS University of London, Japanese and Geography)
Andrew King (2nd year at Durham University, Japanese Studies)

Individual Presentation Category

Karolina Jankiewicz (4th year at Imperial College London, Design Engineering)
"30 years of change: Poland after 1989"

2nd Place
Jin Hui Teh (4th year at Imperial College London, Chemistry)
"Malaysia: Racial Diversity and Harmony"

Runners Up (in alphabetical order)
Morgan Cliff (2nd year at Newcastle University, Modern Languages)
Julia Follan (1st year at University of Oxford, Japanese)
Kathleen Ann O'Neil (1st year at University of Edinburgh, Japanese and Linguistics)

Group Presentation Category

Takoyaki (University of Bristol)
"Foreign Food"
Lucas Dale (Computer Science), Max Whale (Computer Science), Shuye Liu (Computer Science) and Janie Tey (Computer Science)

Melon Bread (University of Oxford)
"The Eastern European Culture and our Backgrounds"
Adela Bulumac (Oriental Studies) and Katherine Kessler (Oriental Studies)

Kukeri (University of Sheffield)
"Britain is strange, isn't it?"
Vesela Georgieva (Japanese Studies), Rachel Crossley (Japanese Studies with Russian), Adam Bannister (Japanese Studies) and Kezzia Dennis (Japanese Studies)

Huh? (SOAS University of London)
"Melting Pot: Are These Our Countries Food?"
Lingyi Liu (MA in History of Art and Archaeology in East Asia and Intensive Language: Japanese), Anustup Garai (MA History and Intensive Language: Japanese) and Zachery Grayling (BA Japanese)

The Nessies (University of Edinburgh)
"Loch Ness Monster"
Francesca Lutje-Wilkes (Japanese), Lily Darvey (Japanese) and Olivia Scuplak (Japanese)

The Duo With A 20cm Height Difference (Imperial College London)
"'Double Eleven' in China"
Jiaying Zhuang (Chemistry with Research Abroad) and Kailum Peng (Mathematics with Statistics)


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